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Lucy Hatcher
Flute and Piano Tuition and Flute Group

Based in Chiddingfold, Surrey

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Teaching Approach

With my years of teaching experience, I have become skilled at adapting my approach to suit the individual’s needs.   For example, some students like the structure and challenge of taking grades while others have a preference for learning a particular style (jazz, boogie woogie, classical).  I enjoy working with young students to nurture their natural musical abilities, encouraging them to achieve their potential.    As a teacher I feel a responsibility to build confidence and instill a love for music which will stay with them for a lifetime.


Over a period of time, I have built a wide range of resources.   For example, I use music games to help to engage the young beginner.   I have a large range of music including many duet books, and generally include duets in most lessons.   It is important that they hear me play during lessons.   All of my students, whatever their age or ability, learn scales.   This helps with fingerings and technical skills, and with a wider understanding of tonality.  


I have experience of working within schools.   I taught for Surrey Arts and have taught at Private Schools as well.   I have run a recorder club at Chiddingfold Village School and have an up to date DBS enhanced certificate which is automatically updated on an annual basis.   I have prepared students for solo and duet performances as part of their GCSE exams.   I teach music theory and help students through their grade 5 theory exam so that they can continue into the higher grades of their instrument.


I run and conduct Chiddingfold Flute Group which started approximately 10 years ago, I have organized many events and concerts for the group, which is an adult learner ensemble.  We meet monthly in the Church Room behind St Mary's Church in Chiddingfold


As a musician, it is important to me that I perform on a regular basis.   Currently I play first flute with Haslemere Symphony Orchestra.

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I am a music graduate of Goldsmiths College, University of London (1988) and studied the flute with the wonderful flautist Christopher Hyde Smith, and piano with John Tilbury.   I have taught flute and piano for many years, and direct Chiddingfold Flute Group.   I play regularly with local amateur orchestras.

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Piano Lessons

The youngest age I take piano pupils is 6.   I teach adults and children up to grade 6

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Piano Player

Flute Lessons

Flute lessons start from 9 years old onwards.   I teach adults and children to grade 8 and beyond

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Theory lessons

I also cover theory, especially grade 5 which is necessary in order to continue with higher grades in any instrument

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Sheet Music

Children learn to read music effectively if they are having fun.   I have a growing collection of music games including finger twister, ice cream maker, build a burger and musical snakes and ladders.   


My Teaching Story

Having fun making music

I was fortunate to study flute with Christopher Hyde Smith and piano with John Tilbury.   Both were inspirational teachers and performers who inspired me to pass on my love of making music.   For me, a large part of the joy in making music is playing in groups with other musicians. However opportunities for flute players can be few and far between.   In response I have built and directed a flute group.   Very much a mixed ability group aimed at having fun and building confidence at ensemble playing.  We meet in Chiddingfold once a month.

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Chiddingfold, Surrey
Flute and Piano lessons, flute days and performance

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